Organized Crime

On the streets of Bayview there are crimes committed. To the untrained eye or those unwilling to see, it appears to be random acts of violence held in check by the cities finest and it’s masked vigilantes.

The players are known and slip in and out of jail frequently; On 142nd street is Tin Tin, a sadist that has cut and slashed his way to the top of his gang with his fetish for blades.

In Wurthington Heights (known as the ghetto) Quimbanda, the Doctor of Darkness rules this territory with fear and voodoo.

The Port City Docks is run by an ex Marine know only as Sarge. Police are sure that illegal activities occur here but each time a raid happens, Sarge and guys are squeaky clean.

These gangs are band enough but a dark secret is whispered on the streets. They speak about the “Big Boss” or the man up Top, some talk about a psychotic teen that butchers anyone that steps out of line. The closest anyone has gotten to a name is Murder Man, and his homicidal teen enforcer Butcher Boy.

These names keep the gangs in line and working together, and it’s these names that frustrates our masked marvels!

Organized Crime

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