One man army


Six foot even, and 220 pounds of muscle and bone, Olly Grimm is the poster child of patriotism. Even in street clothes, it’s hard to miss his military baring.

Blond hair in a crew cut and blue eyes may make him seem more Aerian than American, but Olly’s heritage is a melting pot of Scandanavian, Scottish, South African and even Souix.

But the most distinctive feature about First Sergent Oliver Grimm is that he is rarely alone. He is often mistaken for being twins, as there are usually 2 of him whenever meeting new people.


If Project Rebirth had been run by Dr Bruce Banner, but the part of Steve Rogers had been played by Jamie Madrox, the Army would have gotten Sergent Oliver Grimm, also known as Avalanche.


Heros of a Golden Age Palson