Meta-humans. This a term to describe men and women who can do extraordinary things. Things that are beyond even the Olympian or professional athlete. This term is used to describe the realm of super human.

You see history has recorded them all throughout time. Great mystics and healers, swami’s, fortune tellers, adventurers, demigods, and even psychics. Yet they are not just myth and fairy tale. These supermen and wonder women live among us, hidden until time to act. I was trusted with two of their stories and it starts…………..

In 1939 the world held it’s breath as Brittan demanded that Germany vacate occupied Poland. When Germany’s war machine failed to comply, Europe broke into war once again. Officially the United States had taken stance of neutrality concerning the unfolding events.

Secretly though, the intelligence network discovered the recruitment of meta-humans for the Axis Poswers war cause. America would not be left behind.

Heros of a Golden Age

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